3 mile paddle in the Pelican The Catch 120 NXT

Yesterday I went to a nearby lake with the Pelican The Catch 120 NXT. I intended to get some exercise paddling around the lake and do some fishing along the way. My first thought was to go 1/2 way around, take a break for some fishing, then continue. I’d stop at some other spots that looked good for fishing.

Well 1/2 way didn’t turn out to be much of a fishing spot so I decided to go a little further. Then I ran into the local crew team heading out for their practice and decided I better go a but further still to stay out of their way. Then I encountered a ski boat pulling a wakeboarder and making multiple wakes. The Pelican The Catch 120 NXT can handle a fair amount of wake action but I wanted to get closer to shore, just in case. So, you guessed, I paddled on.

By now I was most of the way around the lake. I guess I could’ve still fished a bit before heading down the narrow, shallow path to the launch but I’d had all the exercise I needed and was hot and sweaty so I called it a day and headed to the truck.

I can’t tell you if the fishing is any good in Forge Pond in Littleton and Westford, MA yet but I can tell you that the Pelican The Catch 120 NXT can be paddled 3 miles pretty much non-stop in 84 degrees and plenty of humidity.