About Us

We’re Scott and Judith. We’ve rented kayaks and canoes in the past and enjoyed them. In 2017 we decided to buy our own and make kayaking a bigger part of our recreation and exercise routines. To be clear, this is a hobby for us and we are not all-knowing experts. We’ll share what we learn as we go.

Deciding what to buy wasn’t easy. Scott read a lot of websites, watched a lot of videos and went to several stores to see the kayaks. Our criteria changed several times. Stable or light? Fast or useful for fishing and wildlife photography? Small and light or big and comfy? Sound familiar? The answers did not and could not really come from all those online resources even though they did at least help clarify what the questions should be.

I (Scott) decided to start this site as a way to share what we learned in the process and our experience using our kayaks and gear. We’ll share photos, tips, ideas and stories as we paddle through this journey. Welcome along.

You should treat our words as opinion, not fact, for the most part. If something breaks and we say so, that is a fact. If we inject our thinking as to why it broke, that is opinion. When it comes to safety, read and follow the manufacturers’ warning and directions. Take a class. Don’t rely on our stories to decide what it right, wrong or safe. Our kayaking is for recreation, not competition or our occupations. We are writing about moderate kayaking on moderate waters for the most part. Not whitewater, not open ocean, not very large lakes. Remember that context as you read our stories. Something that worked great for us on the flat, calm, 88 acre pond in our town will probably not serve you well in 10 foot waves on the ocean or class IV rapids on the Colorado river. Make sense? Great, enjoy our stories!

-Scott and Judith