Here is some of the gear we use. Links are to if you’re interested in purchasing any of these. We only write about things we own and use on this page but ads may appear for other products.


Airhead Complete Folding Anchor System – Fancy name, basic product. This is small, folding anchor with an attached marine quality rope and a storage bag. An inexpensive way to keep the kayak in one place while fishing. We do not use an anchor trolley system at this time so the kayak can rotate around the anchor depending on the wind but it works well enough for us.
KastKing Dry Bag – Don’t need to say much here. A good, basic, dry bag to keep keys, camera, phone, etc. in when on the water.
Pelican Symbiosa Angler Paddle – The paddle Scott uses with the Pelican The Catch 120 NXT kayak. This paddle is adjustable from 240 to 252 cm, can be aligned straight or offset and has a safety whistle in the clamp. It has a retrieval hook in one of the paddles. Ours is in the camo color.
Yakima JayLow Roof Racks – we use these to more easily carry the kayaks on our 4Runner. They work great. The Pelican The Catch 120 NXT is pretty wide but still carries securely in the JayLows. They fold down nicely when not in use and can take optional locking cartridges if you want to leave them on all the time while making them hard to steal. We take them off when we know we won’t use them for a while.