Kayak Fishing from The Catch 120 NXT

On our last kayak outing I did some kayak fishing from the Pelican The Catch 120 NXT kayak. It is so stable that it barely rocks when casting. After trying to tempt larger bass in the weeds and lily pads with a Scumfrog, I moved just outside the weeds and switched to a reliable old (I probably bought it in the 1980’s) flourescent orange Mooselook Wobbler. On the first cast I caught a 6″ perch. Nothing worth keeping but at least it put one in the catch column for the first time out in The Catch.

Image of Scumfrog and Mooselook Wobbler fishing lures used on kayak fishing outing

By this time, Judith was relaxing in the middle of the lake on the Sunfish sailboat with virtually no wind. So kayak fishing time was over and the kayak became a tow boat to help her back to shore. I don’t recommend using your kayak for this purpose. It worked but it not easy paddling and there are many things that could go wrong.

To be clear, Judith has the skills to get a sailboat back to shore in a small lake with little to no wind. She even had her kayak paddle on-board. I just decided to save her the work this time.