Kayak Recreation: What’s here

Welcome to Kayak Recreation. We recently purchased a fishing kayak and recreational kayak and could not find all the information we wanted while researching what to get. So I decided to start a small site to offer the lessons we learned and share tips and ideas based on our recreational kayaking experience.

What did we end up buying?

A Pelican Performance Sports The Catch 120 NXT and an Ocean Kayak Venus 10. See our kayaks page for more information on these recreational kayaks.

Image of our Pelican The Catch 120 NXT and Ocean Kayak Venus 10 kayaks with assorted gear and accessories.

Are we happy with our purchases?

Yes, so far, for the most part. They both fit our intended uses quite well. However, the 120 NXT is a beast to get on and off the roof racks of our 4Runner at about 70 pounds. By contrast the Venus 10 is just 37 pounds but more likely to have a wet seat. The 120 NXT isn’t the quickest thing on the water by a long shot. Not an issue when using it for fishing, as intended, but when kayaking together, I’m working pretty hard to keep up with the Venus 10.

More soon.