Here are the kayaks we use. Although we offer links are to Amazon.com and appreciate your using them to support this site, the best way to buy a kayak is from a local dealer where you can try lifting its weight, sitting in its seat and looking it over.

Judith’s Kayak

Ocean Kayak Venus 10 – this is the kayak Judith uses. It is a 10′ recreational kayak and works great for casual kayaking.

Ocean Kayak’s Venus 10 web page

Scott’s Kayak

Pelican The Catch 120 NXT – this is the kayak Scott uses. It is a good fishing kayak and works fine for a casual recreational kayak unless you’re trying to keep up with Judith, or anyone else, in a less fishing-centric kayak. It is a bit heavy for getting on an off the roof rack on the 4Runner. It is very stable in the water.

Pelican The Catch 120 NXT web page

World Fishing Network reviews the Catch 120 NXT

Pelican: The Catch 120 NXT, a Fishing Kayak for Everyone