Perch, pickerel and jet ski at Lost Pond in Groton, MA

Enjoyed catching a perch and a pickerel today at Lost Pond. Did not enjoy getting buzzed by a jet ski so much. Jet skis are allowed on this pond and I don’t mind that the waterfront resident chose to enjoy his afternoon on the water in this way. If I end up in a waterfront home some day, it won’t be on a lake that has water skis. That’s just my personal preference, nothing against them where they are allowed.

Coyote in yard before going to Lost Pond to fishQuite a wildlife day today. A coyote walked through the yard this morning then I saw the usual herons at Lost Pond and a less usual eagle.

It is October 10th and it was 77 degrees in North Central Massachusetts today. I headed out to Lost Pond in Groton to take advantage of the weather for some exercise and fishing. It was pretty windy. Fortunately, the wind was in my face on the way out and at my back on the way in. I prefer to do the hard work on the way out and fish the way back in while the wind moves me along.

After paddling the Pelican The Catch 120 NXT over to the two small islands in the middle of the pond, I started fishing with a minnow-like lure. The bright colors weren’t working so I switched to one that was painted like a little rainbow trout. Caught a Yellow Perch instantly. Switched to a bigger version of the same lure to see if anything larger would bite. Bam! Something came at the lure as soon as it hit the water but it missed.

I moved around a bit and tried different lures at different depths. Some parts of this pond are pretty weedy on the bottom so I caught plenty of weeds. A few hits but no catches. Switched to a silver spoon with a fluorescent orange stripe and worked the shallows where the rock piles warn off boats. Caught a decent size pickerel.