Spring is finally here! Time for kayaking.

We’re pulling the kayaks out of the basement and getting ready to go on our first paddle of the year soon. We hope those of you that live where snow, ice and cold make winter kayaking something to avoid are also getting excited for a new season on the water!

Image of Judith in the Ocean Kayak Venus 10We’ll be starting where we left off, me in the Perception The Catch 120 NXT and Judith in the Ocean Kayak Venus 10. When I go on my own I’ll likely be fishing. When we go together it is more about enjoying the outdoors and getting some exercise.

The Catch 120 NXT has a lawn chair style seat that keeps me well above the water so I’ll be the first one back in. Judith’s Venus 10 sometimes takes in a little water through the drain holes. We plug the ones beneath the seat but overall this kayak sites lower to the water so it probably won’t get as much use until the days and the water are a bit warmer.