Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography from the kayak isn’t just a way to make up for the fish not biting. The Pelican The Catch 120 NXT is so stable that I’m thinking of bringing my DSLR and long lens out for some waterfowl and turtle photography.

Today I had the Nikon AW100 waterproof camera. It was windy and the waves were 6 – 12″ at times. Paddling directly into the wind was good exercise. Drifting back with the wind was almost trolling speed! With that kind of wind, even the amazing stability of the Pelican The Catch 120 NXT couldn’t provide a perfect platform for photography. I still managed to find some subjects like this shot showing the irony of the fake owl not scaring away the real Cormorant.

wildlife photography: Image of fake owl and real cormorant on lake floating platform.